How to get the clear skin on armpits?

The skin of the armpits is one of the most sensitive in the body, as it is constantly in contact with sweat, lack of hygiene, shavers and deodorants, and these agents can stain it and make it look unattractive. Many are the remedies to exterminate this problem forever and if you want to know them, check this site out! And keep reading this article about how you get to clear the skin of the armpits .Thanks to its whitening and astringent effect, lemon is one of the best solutions for bleaching the armpits. Squeeze a lemon and apply your juice daily before showering, in addition to combating the bad smell, lemon juice will also help reduce melanin and eliminate dead cells from your armpits.

Lemon and other variables

Like lemon, orange is also an excellent alternative to bleach the armpits. You just have to add some pasta and water to an orange peel and rub over your armpits. The orange peel will effectively help eliminate the dark color of the area.Just as in the eyes it acts as an astringent to reduce inflammation. The potato acts as a lightening agent in the armpits if the area is rubbed with a grated or cut potato for 15 minutes. Do this action for two weeks every day and you will see favorable effects. You can also make use of cucumber, using the same technique as with potatoes.


A very effective home remedy to lighten the skin of the armpits is to mix saffron with two tablespoons of cream or milk and spread in the armpits before going to bed and let it rest all night. In addition to eliminating bacteria and odors in the area, it will also whiten the pigmentation of your skin. The healthy and refreshing ingredients of this sandalwood and water whitening will help your skin recover its usual color. Use every day and apply in the area and let it rest for 10 minutes.

In these times the benefits of sodium bicarbonate serve for everything, and among them is the property of lightening the skin of the armpits. If there is bleach par excellence it is oxygenated water either to remove stains on the clothes or to lighten the skin of the armpits. With hydrogen peroxide your stains will disappear quickly like lemon and bicarbonate.

Conclusion: Other ingredients

One of the properties of hydrogen peroxide is its ability to stain clothes and skin. Yes, many people use oxygenated water to lighten the armpits, remove a lemon stain or any other agent that may have affected the skin tone. Before rinsing the skin with hydrogen peroxide you should know that many people have allergic reactions or burns especially in the face area. Therefore, it is most advisable to avoid using this technique on your face, or try placing a bit of hydrogen peroxide behind your ears and verify how your skin reacts. Remember that the skin of the face is more sensitive than the rest of the body.