How to Choose Your Event Agency

Your company has asked you to organize an event (convention, seminar, road show, etc) and you have just published a call for tenders? Choosing eventagentur wien is not easy and is a long process with several steps to follow.

Discover expert advice to work with the agency that best fits your expectations, one that will become a true partner in the realization of your event.

Identify your needs and goals

What are your needs to organize this event? What goals do you want to achieve? Pre-selection of the agencies responding to your call for tender: which respond the best to your constraints and / or budget provide innovative solutions? Find out about their customers, their area of ​​expertise (the convention? their reputation in your sector of activity. You had – ever been advised / spoken of these agencies? What is their competitive advantage? (Large agency, quality artistic address book, small agency with personalized support, etc.).

Select up to 3 event agencies to avoid wasting time on agency presentations and complicate the comparison of proposals ( a larger number of agencies will only make trouble making your final choice ). Put agencies in competition during the consultation phase.

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Agency Briefing

During the consultation phase, you will first communicate your brief or specifications to the pre-selected agencies by specifying all the information necessary for the realization of the event (date, place, message, target audience, constraints, budget etc.). The latter must be in the best case; validated internally and ideally budgeted (it is strongly advised to give a budget range or at least an order of magnitude to the different agencies in competition).

Once the agencies are briefed, they have all the keys to prepare recommendations and solutions in order to best meet the specifications. Stay tuned to the questions that the agencies will be able to ask you to carry out their missions.

Presentation of proposals by the agencies

It is best to receive agencies competing in the same day to better compare the proposals. Each agency will have 1 hour or 1:30 to present orally its recommendations s and will give you a complete and detailed written document. The agency will refine its proposal by destination,hotel, work time, and budget following the diff e rents remarks / recommendations you made it.

Proposal evaluation

To evaluate the agencies’ proposals, you can select several criteria and weight them if necessary, such as: understanding of the problem, the relevance of the answer, originality, respect for the budget, responsiveness of the agency: Listening, the quality of documents, etc.

Some advertisers prefer to make their selection in two stages: with a first round during which one or more agencies will be removed from the project to allow room for the second round of refinement of the proposals of the remaining agencies.

Make your final choice.

Which agency has best met your expectations and constraints? The one with whom you had the most “feeling” which has proposed the most “original“concepts and / or most adapted in terms of activities, place and destination? Trust is paramount in the realization of such a project and it is necessary to feel reassured and confident with the interlocutors of the agency.

A large agency can indeed reassure you with its experience and contacts and provide you with a quality service. A human-sized agency may have a more “artisanal” and personalized way of following your project. Finally, trust yourself and do not doubt your intuition.